About Us

Janss Lumber Company was established about 1934 by Herman Henry Janss in a partnership with E.R. Compton. Herman was the son of Dr. Henry Janss, MD, an immigrant from St. Margarethen, Schleswig-Holstein, Germany, and Clara Belle Jewitt Janss. Janss Lumber Company has always been at the current location at 629 East Commercial Street in Springfield, Missouri.

In about 1900 a fire station stood on the location. The property was owned by the Frisco Railroad and leased to Janss Lumber Company at the time the lumberyard was built. In the late 1970’s the Janss family sold the business to Cherry Street Lumber Company Inc. which was owned by Carl and Mary Squires. The Janss location was managed by their son, Andy Squires. Upon the deaths of Carl and Mary, Andy became the owner of Cherry Street Lumber Company and continued to operate the lumberyard under the Janss Lumber Company name.

In 1979 land was purchased and a building built at 1770 North Packer Road in Springfield for a door and window shop known as Missouri Millwork. At this time the door and window part of the business was moved from Commercial Street to Packer Road.

On January 1, 2006, Cherry Street Lumber Company Inc. was purchased by Janss Lumber Company, LLC, a partnership between three of the long-time employees of Janss Lumber Company. They are now operating the lumberyard at 629 East Commercial Street and Missouri Millwork on Packer Road so that they will be the accepted leader in this region by providing the highest level of service and quality products.