Converting Decimals to Fractions

When working with a calculator it’s sometimes necessary to convert decimal results to fractions. Other times it might be necessary to convert decimals to actual inches.

It’s helpful if you know and memorize fractional equivalents of decimals. Memorizing the following table will be helpful.

Decimal Fractions  
.03125 1/32″
.0625 1/16″
.125 1/8″
.25 1/4″
.5 1/2″

You can use these equivalents to help determine the fractional numbers. For example, a calculator result of 6.75″ would be 6-3/4″ (divide the decimal, .75 by the appropriate decimal/fractional equivalent of your desired end fraction). To get a resulting fraction in 1/8ths, divide the decimal by .125. To get a resulting fraction in 1/16ths, divide the decimal by .0625, and so on.

When using the calculator to determine feet and inches and you need to convert 8.67 decimal feet/inches to actual inches, multiply the decimal times 12.

8′ + (.67 x 12)” = 8′ 8.04″
ESTIMATE 8′ 8″ or (8*12)” + 8″ = 104″

In the above example, .67 of a foot is just over 8″. You may be off a hundredth of an inch or so – but that’s close enough for estimating purposes.